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I enjoy horror, thrillers, urban fantasy, steampunk, science fiction, mystery, speculative and dystopian fiction, humor, and paranormal romance (I like more plot than smut in my fiction, although I'm definitely not a prude) among others. about me In October, every October, I marathon 100+ horror movies so I'm not as active that month or November either (NaNoWriMo). My rating system is as follows: 1 star - I'd like my time back, thank you. 2 stars - I didn't care for it but I don't feel cheated. I'm not likely to subject myself to any of this author's other works. 3 stars - I enjoyed my time in the story and will more than likely read another book by the author some day. 4 stars - I really enjoyed this story and will definitely be interested in anything else the author writes. 5 stars - The real world didn't exist while I was reading this. I will likely maim anyone who interrupts me while I'm devouring everything in this author's bibliography

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Born of Ice - Sherrilyn Kenyon Here's the thing with Sherrilyn Kenyon books, for me at least. I find it difficult to put her books down until it's over. I become emotionally invested in the story and at the end, I'm so drained from the heartwrenching story that I find it difficult to think of anything else for a long time.

This, thankfully, was the shortest book in The League series that I have read. There was a few times where she tugged on your heart a bit but nothing like Born of Night (and Born of Fire) where it felt like she ripped my heart out of my chest, stomped on it a few times, kicked it around in the dirt and then handed it back, dirty and bleeding.

That being said... I loved this book. I liked seeing all the old characters again, in a slightly different light and I loved that you could see how their traumatic pasts shaped their lives and their children's lives. *hugs book*