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I enjoy horror, thrillers, urban fantasy, steampunk, science fiction, mystery, speculative and dystopian fiction, humor, and paranormal romance (I like more plot than smut in my fiction, although I'm definitely not a prude) among others. about me In October, every October, I marathon 100+ horror movies so I'm not as active that month or November either (NaNoWriMo). My rating system is as follows: 1 star - I'd like my time back, thank you. 2 stars - I didn't care for it but I don't feel cheated. I'm not likely to subject myself to any of this author's other works. 3 stars - I enjoyed my time in the story and will more than likely read another book by the author some day. 4 stars - I really enjoyed this story and will definitely be interested in anything else the author writes. 5 stars - The real world didn't exist while I was reading this. I will likely maim anyone who interrupts me while I'm devouring everything in this author's bibliography

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It was much the same as the first in the series as far as pacing and humor goes. Jace has really begun to find her niche in her new world, although there are still times that she feels overwhelmed. She says she wants to go home but I don't believe it. Maybe I'm just projecting. I absolutely don't want her to go back home. I get the feeling that she really doesn't have much to go back to. Her job, definitely but she never mentions or even thinks about, anyone she has left behind. She may be an endangered species here but I think she'd be happier here overall.

This book is less about Stoker and more about new bad guys. It starts out with a horrible crime scene that looks like a scene out of a comic book. Problem is "kamic" books have been outlawed in this world since 1958 and Jace is the only one who recognized the victim's costume.

We learn a lot about the other characters and their back stories. I love how much Jace cares about Charlie, her Golem partner, and how obvious it is that he likes her too.

I kinda was looking forward to more John Dark in the series, he had potential. *sigh*

Oh and Tair and his 'wrappers'... don't get me started on that little development. I've still got some hope that it's not what it seems to be.